Every version of the much appreciated OS, iOS has actually never failed to please all the users with the amazing features it keeps introducing with the launch of every new version. Therefore the upcoming iOS 11 is also going to be no less than all its predecessors in fact the OS has every probability of sporting the exceptionally good features. And by taking a quite dig at the rumours and specs associated with it, the eleventh version or the iOS 11 has already started hinting that it is going to be extra special. Whenever the release of a new version of iOS approaches we expect that we will actually get introduced to class apart and new features. And the expectations are same with the eleventh version as well. However, some people actually have some higher hopes from the forthcoming OS because it has been predicted that it will come up with such innovative and first-rate facilities which might turn out to be unbelievable. The world has certainly developed from each angle due to which technology making the impossible possible is quite legit. Therefore, we actually can say that the iOS 11 will be bearing such features which may turn out to be quite exceptional. People are already gearing up as well as bracing themselves for getting introduced to the eleventh iOS due to which some of them certainly cannot stop themselves at all when it comes to discussing the possible features of it. And if spoken about the release date, we can say that the iOS may actually get launched right after three months which would be September. And most people are envisioning this particular month for its release just because some of the other versions of iOS were also launched in September.
However, we all actually love emojis and every iPhone user is lucky enough get provided with innovative emojis. We did get introduced to quite a many emojis after downloading the iOS 10 which were fascinating and quite fun. And now its been said that iOS could actually feature an all new set of emojis. We might think of getting introduced to some certain emojis which we have already thought of so does that mean that those could have probabilities of getting equipped with the forthcoming OS which would be created by the company Apple? That may actually have possibilities.
Nevertheless, even a feature called as the Dark Mode can also actually get equipped with the forthcoming iOS 11 which means that if it happens then the screens of the iPhones would actually go dark because of the particular feature. Therefore, eyes would be stressed less and on the other hand it will be convenient also. Therefore Dark Mode should certainly come along with the next version of iOS which is currently in the making.

Nevertheless, we certainly have high and great expectations from the eleventh iOS and tech specs related to it has actually soared our expectations to an all new level altogether. Therefore iOS 11 is certainly going to be big. 


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